the last real post 10!!!!

It was a crazy haha experience, the last week was probably the most stressful for all the groups….

During the weekend (Saturday 2 and Sunday 3) we were making arrangements and the poster for the presentation of the demoday, so Monday 4 was the last presentation, simulating what would be the final day, so we evaluated the presentation and the poster, which we had to make the last changes and the last to send it to print.

On Tuesday I had classes but I was a little calmer to have everything more prepared and Wednesday was a Wednesday like never before! hahahaha we only took care of fine-tuning the details of the presentation and Loreto and Ana went over and over again the pitch so I still remember the first and repetitive phrase “do you know what retirement anxiety is?….it was a nuisance, but finally on Thursday everything went perfect, even though the lights went out right at the moment of my group’s presentation, but that made the girls feel much more relaxed.


Thursday, demoday, was a memorable day, both for the presentation and for the amount of photos I took that day hahahaha, but finally they are a nice souvenir of something I put all my heart, body and mind into. I hope to find other instances as good as this and always take advantage of everything that is taught!!!

In this project I was really surprised by the love that many people had for me, despite my bad mood (due to stress), the support of my duoc and life friends, my family, and my teachers and Duoc people, sincerely THANK YOU!

Thank you Erasmus+ for giving such good instances like this, where one can meet other people, with other cultures, with different studies…Thanks also to those in charge of this project in Chile: Coni, Andrea and Cata, for each revision, because in spite of the good and bad comments many times, it made me realize that I could choose other alternatives and they guided the project in a better way.

Thanks to my cute TEAM PIPOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!! therefore, for the laughter, for the stress, for the last-minute changes, for the cookies and chocolates, for the long hours in the dome, for the sacrifice of coming to Chile, a dry country, and the last few days with a lot of cold haha but that were worth 100%.

Loreto: my soul toc twin, idola, who goes everywhere and gives himself for the team. Thanks for your good vibes.

Gonza: I don’t miss you so much….haha lie!, I miss our morning fights, and in the afternoon…and in the evening…and already enough at night, thanks for putting up with me and also for the support at all times.

Hellen: the sweetness of the team 🙂 thank you for going hand in hand with me, because even though we were both going on with our studies, we were able to get through it all!

Renato: I need spontaneous cookies and chocolates in my life now!!!! thank you for letting us know about you, for your willingness to participate and be so tender.

Ana: thanks for putting up with all of us! probably the hardest part was the language and the quick thoughts we had, but finally we all ended up learning from each other and I appreciate that very much.

To all of you I wish you the best of the best, that hopefully in another opportunity of our lives we can meet again, you deserve much more! ARE GREAT PEOPLE.

With this, I say goodbye people….
LAPASSION is over and I hope my headaches, hahah, joke




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