It was an Interesting Week

This week was more relaxed than previous weeks in many ways, however, this was somewhat offset by the fact that it was somewhat difficult to test applications or mockups for older adults. However, it was a very marked attitude of retirees, I associate with the fact that they are people who are no longer subject … Continue reading It was an Interesting Week

Group Report – Week 7

Hello, everybody! This week has been different from the others, even in a more relaxed perspective (which would not mean that there would be absolutely no complications). It was a week marked by the models and their results being tested by each of us. In total we made three models of which each member of … Continue reading Group Report – Week 7

So, What Happened This Week at ING2004?

It all started on Monday with the ING2004 course, where we could see presentations with an outline based on: a Checklist, Project Background and the application of Reverse Engineering. The difference between the scenery map and the map of the journey was also raised. This difference was mainly due to the fact that the journey … Continue reading So, What Happened This Week at ING2004?