Group Report – Week 8

Hello, We are the team 2 and we will tell and share a little more, as were our experiences and group dynamics in this eighth week of the wonderful LaPassion project. This week, we're working on getting ready for the demoday, which will be in two weeks. The week was quieter as we did not … Continue reading Group Report – Week 8

Week 7, by Renato

Hello, This is Renato and I'll tell you a bit about what we did in the seventh week of the LaPassion project. This week we worked on the mockups and tested our prototypes application. At first, we worked only on the arrangements of our application and then we realized that this was not configured the … Continue reading Week 7, by Renato

Second Week – LaPassion, by Renato

Hello, It's me, Renato, and I'm here to talk to you a little more about what happened in the second week of the LaPassion 2018 Chile project. So, welcome to the week in that we had several trainings! During classes with Cony at UC, we learned about project management and reverse engineering for product development. … Continue reading Second Week – LaPassion, by Renato