Group Report – Week #9

This week we needed to the final deliverable before the final final presentation. So we had to go through intense preparation, based on all of our previous feedbacks to make this the best presentation we could. For our prototype, we decided to make an application that will show which activities are available for elders near … Continue reading Group Report – Week #9

Group Report – Week 8

Hello, We are the team 2 and we will tell and share a little more, as were our experiences and group dynamics in this eighth week of the wonderful LaPassion project. This week, we're working on getting ready for the demoday, which will be in two weeks. The week was quieter as we did not … Continue reading Group Report – Week 8

Group Report – Week 1

Welcome to this blog. We are group 2 from LA PASSION Project 2018. And you will say… what is “LA PASSION”? It stands for Latin-America Practices and Soft Skills for an Innovation Oriented Network. The project will facilitate the exchange of students and researchers from twenty European and American universities, as well as the development … Continue reading Group Report – Week 1